Lua Player Plus Vita
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Lua Player Plus Vita - Documentation


This documentation contains documentation and usage samples for every function available with lpp-vita.
It is aimed at people who want to write applications for the PSVita/PSTV in Lua with lpp-vita and want to get an overview about the functions they can use.


Lua Player Plus Vita is released under the terms of the GPLv3 license, here is a non-legally binding summary of what you can do.

Safe mode limitations

When using the safe eboot.bin for your application, you'll have a few limitations:

  • Cannot open files from paths different than ux0:/data or app0:/.
  • Cannot intercept SCE_CTRL_VOLUP, SCE_CTRL_VOLDOWN, SCE_CTRL_POWER buttons.
  • Cannot use Controls.headsetStatus function.

Useful links

Source of lpp-vita:
Nightly builds: